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Thursday, 27 November 2014

Portes Ouvertes 6th-7th December: Domaine Flamand Délétang (Montlouis) + Vincent Careme (Vouvray)

Portes Ouvertes Domaine Flamand Délétang@Saint Martin le Beau 6th and 7th December.

Olivier Flamand: June 2014

Old vintages in the Flamand Délétang cellars

The same weekend – just across the Loire in Vernou (AC Vouvray) Tania and Vincent Carême also has their Portes Ouvertes.

Vincent Carême: October 2014

 Domaine Vincent Carême, Vernou

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Circle of Wine Writers: Alsace tasting with Olivier Humbrecht MW/Christophe Ehrhart

Beyond terroir  – exploring the influences on Alsace wines  
Today the Circle of Wine Writers held an excellent Alsace tasting in central London at the Naval Club with a fascinating presentation by Olivier Humbrecht MW (Domaine Zind Humbrecht, president of Alsace Grand Cru) and Christian Ehrhart (Josmeyer and vice-president of Alsace Grand Cru).  

Flight 1
1.    Emile Boeckel, Alsace Grand Cru Zotzenberg, Sylvaner 2012
Residual Sugar 4.00 g/l, Tartaric Acidity 6.95 g/l, 13.5° Alcohol, Marl-limestone, Conversion

2.    Muré - Domaine du Clos Saint Landelin, Alsace Grand Cru Vorbourg, Riesling 2012
Residual Sugar 2.45 g/l, Tartaric Acidity7.95 g/l,  Alcohol 13.5°, Clay-limestone, Biodynamic

3.    Domaine André Ostertag, Alsace Grand Cru Muenchberg, Riesling 2012
Residual Sugar 7.00 g/l,Tartaric Acidity 6.00 g/l,  Alcohol 13.5°, Sandstone-volcanic, Biodynamic

Flight 2
4.    Domaine Paul Blanck, Alsace Grand Cru Schlossberg, Riesling 2010
Residual Sugar 20.00 g/l, Tartaric Acidity 6.29 g/l, Alcohol 12.44°, Granite

5.    Gustave Lorentz, Alsace Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergheim, Riesling 2008
Residual Sugar 7.60 g/l, Tartaric Acidity 7.80 g/l, Alcohol 12.5°, Clay-marly-sandstone

6.    Domaine Zind-Humbrecht, Alsace Grand Cru Goldert, Muscat 2012
Residual Sugar 6.5 g/l, Tartaric Acidity 5.10 g/l, Alcohol 14.00°, Olithic calcareous, Biodynamic

Flight 3
7.    Josmeyer, Alsace Grand Cru Brand, Pinot Gris 2010
Residual Sugar 7.5 g/l, Tartaric Acidity 6.60 g/l, Alcohol 14.00°, Granite, Biodynamic

8.    Cave Vinicole de Pfaffenheim, Alsace Grand Cur Steinert, Pinot Gris 2011
Residual Sugar 30.00 g/l, Tartaric Acidity 5.5 g/l, Alcohol 13.6°, Limestone and clay-limestone

9.    Domaine Marcel Deiss, Alsace Grand Cru Altenberg de Bergheim, Complantation 2009
Residual Sugar 70.00 g/l, Tartaric Acidity 4.99 g/l, Alcohol 12.00°, Marly-limestone-sandstone, Biodynamic

Flight 4

10. Domaine Weinbach, Alsace Grand Cru Furstentum, Gewurtzraminer 2011
Residual Sugar 48.00 g/l, Tartaric Acidity 4.77 g/l, Alcohol13.5°, Marly-limestone-sandstone, Biodynamic

11. Hugel & Fils, Alsace – Vendange Tardive, Gewurztraminer 2007
Residual Sugar 96.00 g/l, Tartaric Acidity 5.06 g/l, Alcohol 12.7°, Clay-marl

 Olivier Humbrecht MW
(above and below)

Christophe Ehrhart

 Angela Reddin, CWW tastings organiser

Brian St. Pierre

Natasha Hughes MW
– one of the newest MWs

As an MW you have to be serious...!

 Richard James

Kathy Burk

 John Downes MW and Charles Metcalfe

 Charles Metcalfe

 Christine Austin

 Alison Mann

 Andrea Warren pouring
 Julian Jeffs: whose 6th edition of 
his classic book on Sherry has just been published.
The 1st edition appeared in 1961

 Carolyn Bosworth-Davies

Rounding up Alsace

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Les Vins du Coin 10 years – 6th-7th December 2014

Also here.

A list of the 50 vignerons present – many of the usual suspects:

Bruno Allion, Alexandre Bain, Pierre-Olivier Bonhomme et Thierry Puzelat,
René Mosse, Tanguay Perrault, Mikaël Bouges, Bertrand Galbrun,
Joël Courtault, Fred Sigonneau, Moses Gadouche et Pascal Potaire,
Benoît Courault, Vincent et Émilie Marie, Renauld Guettier, Jérôme Saurigny,
Émile Hérédia, Sébastien Bobinet, Olivier Lemasson, La Grange aux Belles, Noëlla Morantin, Marie Thibault, Jean-Marie et Thierry Puzelat, Stéphane PZ, 
Jean-Pierre Robinot, Lise et Bertrand Jousset, Vincent Roussely, Paul Fouassier,
Jérôme Sauvète, Stéphane Odieux, Laura Semaria, Frédéric Niger van Herck,
Cyril Sevin, Philippe Delmée, Pascal Simonutti, Stéphanie Debout et Vincent Bertin, Philippe Tessier, Domaine des Roches Sèches, Brendan Tracey, Frantz Saumon, Hervé Villemade, Pierre Breton